Monday, May 30, 2016

Whats Next?

I will email the blog link to all the hDEC2s I am acquainted with.  It is strongly genetic so many of you will have family members that may be carriers.  If you will please forward it to any you suspect are carriers I would appreciate it.

Comments are open anonymous or otherwise.  If  anyone in the chain would like to help document the other effects of hDEC2 please do so in a comment of the following form:

Family ID - Type - Generation if known Maternal/Paternal helpful.  Eg.-

J'C - INS - 4M-INS/1P-6Hr  (As header.)


Feel free to make up your own effects particularly if they  seem to be genetic.  I will be tallying responses by header on the Other Systemics Post. I will add any new ones to that post.

Please post a new comment for other information about hDEC2 that you wish to share.

I hope you find this interesting and worthy of adding to.

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