Monday, May 30, 2016

Other Systemic effects of hDEC2

As those of us with the modification know, short sleep is only one of the effects of hDEC2.  Some of them affect medical treatment in a major way.  I am meeting with Genetic medicine shortly to discuss my issues, and would like to get feedback from other short sleepers to confirm and add other systemic effects of hDEC2.

In no particular order:
  • AIR=Aggressive Immune Response.  Many hDEC2 seem to have little trouble with viral infections.  At the first sniffle or cough they sleep for the usual time and wake up symptom free.  Delaying sleep may allow some development of the virus and a couple of sleep periods may be necessary to reduce symptoms.  
  • ILA=Ineffective Local Anesthetics.  Usually noticed in early dental work.  First injection does nothing, it may take several injections to produce any numbing at all.  In some cases the anesthetic may cause prolonged pain and inflammation.   
  • HPT=High Pain Tolerance.   (The good news about ILA)  Due to inflammatory reaction which is particularly severe in my case, all dental work except extractions, all suturing of cuts, and routine local surgery like skin cancer removal is done without anesthetic.  I tell the doctor to tell me when to expect a particularly painful episode so I can be ready and immobilize myself with a firm grip on the arm rest.  I needed 4 Staples for a wound closure which the surgeon thought would be less painful than sutures.  It was but the removal was agony.  Go with sutures.  
  • SR=Sedative Resistance. Routine procedures that may be painful are usually done under sedation of one form or another.  In general even a maximum recommended dosage does not eliminate pain.  It may reduce it some, but HPT may be the cause rather than the sedative. 
  • SGA=Short duration General Anesthesia works fortunately, but warn the anesthesiologist that it must be monitored carefully through the procedure so early waking in the middle of the procedure is avoided.   
  • GDR=General Drug Resistance.  Somewhat case by case but in general the recommend treatment dosage has little effect.  An acquired alergy to routine drugs is associated with this resistance,  routinely prescribed drugs should be avoided when possible. I developed an alergy to Heparin as a result of routine use during hospitalizations associated with Chemo recovery.     
  • OFA=Odd Food Allergies.  Several members of my family have an anaphylactic esophagus closure to bananas. Others have a migraine reaction to fresh pork among other foods. These seem to develop over time and may not be hDEC2 related although 3 generations in the direct line are affected.
  • AD=Achievement Driven.   When awake most short sleepers are always at work on something that is important to them.  "Taking a break" usually consists of a 9 minute "Power Nap" usually starting later in life.  
  • RBS=Resilient Bone Structure.  Except for broken fingers and noses, I seldom hear of broken bones in the HDEC2 population in spite of several that were in high contact and dangerous  sports like collegiate football, gymnastics etc.
  • AT=Alcohol Tolerance. Can drink alcohol heavily without ill effects either immediate or longer term. A grandson with the gene on his 21st birthday was given 14 Tequila Shots in less than an hour.  He was able to thank all the donors afterward, and suffered no longer term affects like a hangover or reduced capability the next day.   

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